Sci-fi RTS Etherium is out today

It’s been a little more than a year since the sci-fi RTS Etherium was announced, and now it’s finally time to see what it brings to the party. The game came out today accompanied by a bombastic new trailer, and developer Tindalos Interactive is holding a livestreamed Q&A this afternoon on Twitch.

Etherium features three factions battling for control of the indispensable resource that gives the game its name, each with its own unique units, characteristics, and abilities. The single-player Conquest mode unfolds across multiple planets with “radically different” environments and terrain, and there are three “secondary factions” as well—the Raiders, the Parasites, and the Guardians—who can be fought, or turned to the player’s cause. There’s also multiplayer support for up to four players, with battles to the death that place a premium on “high-speed strategy.”