IBM Exec on How NFTs Could Be Applied to Carfax Auto Sales and Other E-Commerce Transactions

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In this Cloud Wars Expo Moment, Kurt Scheetz, Exploring 5G, IBM, explains the role of NFTs in creating a digital path of “what transpired as it relates to your transaction.”


00:16 — Scheetz uses the example of auto retailer Carfax as a digital leader as it relates to “who bought it, when it was bought, and how it happened,” since the platform assists consumers in purchasing new vehicles. Carfax shows potential buyers the history of the car, including accidents and damages — a concept that can be applied to NFTs.

00:51 — NFTs are a “digital ledger that basically shows ownership, transfer, good, bad, indifferent as it relates to that,” says Scheetz.

00:58 — Scheetz defines the Metaverse as a “shared virtual space” that is immersive, interactive, and hyper-realistic. So, how can NFTs be applied to the Metaverse? An NFT is a perfect example of how to track the progression of an item in the Metaverse because it follows the digital path as it relates to the transaction.

01:27 — Avatars that are created in the Metaverse are not necessarily called NFTs but are a form of one. In theory, you could sell an avatar as an NFT.

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