How does the new crypto meme coin DogeMiyagi reflect tokens of the past, like Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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Technology and its evolution have impacted human culture since the dawn of civilisation. However, this has never been more clear than in the age of the Internet, with the crypto market being a perfect example.

From Bitcoin (BTC) to Ethereum (ETH) to DogeMiyagi (MIYAGI), the advancement in crypto tech has impacted the possibilities of the industry, with this also going on to how tokens work, look, and behave. But what are the recent trends of crypto, and how do tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum impact newer tokens like DogeMiyagi?

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Decentralised Community and Bitcoin

In 2008, the world was hit by the Financial Crisis- one caused, primarily, by big banks and their mismanagement of public funds. This event, which disrupted the lives of thousands across the globe, made many seek an alternative: a currency controlled by the people, rather than a bank that could get away with such schemes.

Enter – Bitcoin.

From here, crypto has existed with a belief in community, decentralisation, and rebellion against financial norms. Look at DogeMiyagi, for example- it is a currency, yet, completely different to something like the Pound Sterling. As it has been since its inception, in 2023, this is a major crypto trend. 

Environmentalism and Ethereum: Buy Crypto, The Eco Way

Cryptocurrency in the past has notoriously posed a threat to the environment due to its energy consumption. According to reports from Solana, even today, old blockchain systems like Bitcoin are using immense amounts of electricity per transaction- more electricity, even, than it takes to power a home.


Ethereum, after The Merge which occurred last year, has cut its energy output by 99%- impacting every token on the Ethereum network.

New crypto coins built on the network, therefore, also benefit from this. This has resulted in many new crypto coins taking on an environmentalist message, opting to build on the Ethereum network for this exact reason. Amongst meme coins especially, 2023 has seen the trend of environmentalism far and wide, aiming to change perceptions on the crypto market while giving back to the world around us.

DogeMiyagi – A New Crypto Coin To Watch

One new crypto coin to enter the market in 2023 is Dogemiyagi. Currently, still in its presale phase, DogeMiyagi is a meme token combining the popular Doge image with imagery from the popular 80’s film Karate Kid (1984, Dir. John G. Avildsen).

One of DogeMiyagi’s most notable features is its Referral Scheme. According to their website, the Referral Scheme exists to reward users who help in expanding the community, doing so by connecting to users’ wallets and generating a unique referral code that can be used upon purchase. As stated on their website, ‘Every time someone uses your code to purchase $MIYAGI tokens, you’ll earn a generous 10% commission on their investment, automatically credited to your wallet’.


DogeMiyagi is available to purchase with ETH, BNB, and USDT, making it widely available to the ever-evolving crypto community. 2023 has seen crypto usage continue to grow and find additional in-person applications, meaning that having your presale token available for purchase through a variety of coins is essential.

While tokens like Bitcoin and Ethereum set the scene, DogeMiyagi is a reflection of the crypto industry now. Following the trends it needs to succeed, like being a meme coin with a hype-building presale, yet having its own unique identity and tokenomics, DogeMiyagi is a new crypto to watch.

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