Here’s How Web 3.0 Expert  & Founder Of Nomaimai ‘Shagun Singh’ Sold Nfts Worth 16 Crores In Six Months

While the world still grasps the concept of Web 3.0 and the Metaverse, technocrats are heading their way into the new possibilities of the web era and technology. While Web 3.0 is like a deep ocean, underlined with uncountable opportunities in every domain, for example, stocks trading in Finance, Crypto investment in digital currency, and many more, it also comes with a few footnotes and drawbacks of moving in a fast-paced world. It has been established that Web 3.0 is not for everyone to visualize and begin immediate trading and investing. Owing to this problem, Shagun Singh, the founder, and CEO of NoMaiMai, has been creating and selling NFTs (Non-fungible tokens) while also having a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise that one should possess before diving into this new market. The entrepreneur and Web 3.0 specialist have made 16 crores in six months with the launch of his two NFT collections, “Ridiculous Dragons” in April & “NoMaiMai” in October.  

About NFT collection NoMaiMai  

NoMaiMai, by Shagun Singh, is a collection of 4,000 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that includes hundreds of original graphic elements, artistic characters, and animations. Real-world services and benefits are also offered to NoMaiMai holders, who join this largest and fastest-growing investor community. The good news is that the collection is currently completely sold out.  

The successful NFT collection has been explained in two simple stages – Sana and Kenji, also the two phases of NoMaiMai holders: 

  1. Sana: The evolutionary stage of the NoMaiMai is known as Sana. Every NoMaiMai possessor is regarded as Sana. Sana appreciates all of the project’s essential amenities and benefits. After possessing either five or more common NFTs or one super animated NFT, Sana transforms into Kenji. 

  2. Kenji: Here, Sana is in its advanced state. Kenji not only receives all the fundamental benefits and gets access to exclusive bonuses in real life in addition to all the regular perks and utilities. When the user has five or more common NFTs or one super animated NFT, they evolve into Kenji.  

Trends and Perks of NoMaiMai NFTs  

Being the sensation of Web 3.0 culture, NoMaiMai has surpassed all challengers and emerged as one of India’s most promising NFT collections. Speaking of which, its owners of Sana and Kenji will enjoy even more benefits. These perks include profit sharing from the NoMaiMai Café and Club, NoMaiMai Merch Line, Ridiculusum Clothing Label, NoMaiMai Mobile game, and NoMaiMai Animated Series. All NFT Holders will also have access to the premium crypto trading group and receive comprehensive stock trading training on top of all these profit-sharing benefits. NoMaiMai, the NFT collection, offers a collection to assist you in earning and taking advantage of special benefits in real life to foster a community of next-generation investors. NoMaiMai offers its users the best discounts, portfolio management services, stock trading, cryptocurrency trading, mentorship programs, and profit sharing. 

With a team that drives innovation into reality and measures success upright, Shagun Singh has been a great visionary for Web 3.0. Besides this, Shagun Singh’s work has been exemplary in the novel digital market for many years, and well-knowingly he researches and develops whatever Web 3.0 has to unfold in front of him. For future endeavors, NoMaiMai will also uncover its beverages line containing water, juices, soda, energy drink, etc. With his Web 3.0-based courses and training programs, Shagun Singh is propelling and reshaping finance in Web 3 by creating courses to help study them and a crypto investment app for the Indian community of investors who look forward to trading in Web 3.0 projects in the coming days.