Gustav Klimt’s ‘The Kiss’ to be promoted and sold as NFTs in the Philippines – Manila Bulletin

“When technology meets classical art, marvelous things will come out of it.”

Artifract, the country’s first tokenized NFT platform by UBX and Unit 256, has expanded its operations by collaborating with the Belvedere Museum and promoting “The Kiss” NFTs in Asia.

The Belvedere Museum, located in Vienna, Austria, is noted as having the largest collection of Austrian art, all the way from the Middle Ages to the present day. The world’s biggest collection of Gustav Klimt’s paintings is the centerpiece of the Upper Belvedere’s “Art Around 1900” exhibition, which includes such works as “The Kiss” and “Judith and the Head of Holofernes.”

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Gustav Klimt is noted for his sketches, paintings and murals. He is a paragon of the “symbolism” art movement in Europe in the 19th century. It was an art movement that sought to represent “absolute truths” through art, language, and other metaphorical imageries.

A perfect example of this are, of course, Klimt’s works. Perhaps his most famous and easily recognizable artwork is “The Kiss,” which depicts two lovers locked in an embrace. It is an oil-on-canvas painting, with added silver, platinum, and gold leaf accents.

The Kiss” will be Artifract’s first project with the museum. Starting Dec. 2022, The Kiss NFTs will be distributed via Artifract. The NFTs will be minted on This is according to Wolfgang Bergmann, the chief financial officer of Belvedere.

“Artifract is an outstanding partner for the international promotion of our NFT project “The Kiss,” as it allows us to reach out to contemporary art buyers in and around the Philippines.”

“People from the Philippines are well-known in Austria for their strong interest in art, particularly Gustav Klimt’s work. Therefore, we aim to inspire them with our unique and exclusive collectibles,” continued Bergmann.

Christina Stieber, Austrian commercial counselor, likewise anticipates “marvelous” results from the collaboration.

 “When technology meets classical art, marvelous things will come out of it. Just like the cooperation between Artifract and the Belvedere Museum. This unique partnership across continents will unite beauty and groundbreaking new technologies in a fabulous new fashion.”

Product owner for Artifract at UBX Rico de la Cruz, also stated that the relationship between Artifract and the Belvedere Museum exemplifies their mission to democratize access to valuable pieces of art. “Now more than ever, artists and collectors may access regional and international markets and collections,” he said.

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