Cryptocurrency Community Reacts to Court’s Decision to Hold Pertsev for 3 More Months

The cryptocurrency community has reacted to a Dutch court ruling that would see Alexey Pertsev, the developer of Tornado Cash, spend three more months behind bars. Alexey will spend the extra jail time waiting for a court date plus charges. Following the ruling, the crypto community converged to pressure the Dutch government to release the developer.

On Twitter, @RyanSAdams pointed out that Alexey had good intentions when developing Tornado Cash. However, some individuals used it for malicious gains, and the developer is paying for others’ mistakes. Jill Gunter, a virtual currency researcher, also commented on the matter, pointing out that the developer’s arrest was covered in secrecy.

In Amsterdam, a coalition of the crypto community protested that it’s not a crime to develop open-source products. According to the protestors, the Dutch government should go after those who use open-source products with evil motives and not the products’ developers.

Some, like Mathew Green, tweeted that the Netherlands’ police seem like they don’t know why they arrested Alexey. @ForwardIsGood noted that the Dutch police should “just acknowledge their mistake, apologize, and move forward.”

While most in the crypto space want the Tornado Cash developer released, some think authorities have the right to hold him. For example, @provoost said that while the police may know relay understand why he was arrested, the court “saw enough probable cause” to keep the developer behind bars.

Commenting on Green’s tweet, Provoost added that another “possibility is lots of ongoing wiretaps … [and] a pending extradition request from the” United States. According to the Twitter user, “probable cause” could be as simple as where the developer gets money for his daily needs as he works on the mixer.

Alexey was arrested on August 12 due to his involvement with the crypto mixing service and the platform being used to launder money.