Conflict between Apple and Twitter? Elon Musk denounces possible cut of commercial agreements between the two companies

By Angel Di Matteo @shadowargel

The information was made public following allegations published by Musk himself via his account on Twitter, where he criticized the position of Apple and the company’s harsh tariff measures on companies that launch their apps through its online store.


  • Elon Musk denounced that Apple cancelled advertising agreements with Twitter
  • He also denounced intentions to Apple to take out Twitter of your App Store
  • Musk criticized monetization mechanisms of. Apple
  • The tycoon announced that they would launch a cell phone if. Apple y Google they were taking out Twitter of its stores

It’s no secret to anyone that the arrival of Elon Musk has brought major operational changes to Twitter, which has been implementing controversial measures over the last few weeks, mainly in operating and monetization models. While this has not been to everyone’s liking, it seems that a major technology company does not agree and intends to cut commercial ties with the iconic social network.

Everything seems to indicate that it is Apple, one of the main technological references today, something that Musk himself denounced in a series of messages through his account of Twitter alleging some irregularities that could signal the end of a long-standing business relationship.

Musk’s allegations about the measures of Apple

In this regard, Musk wrote a first message which reads:

Apple has stopped advertising on Twitter Do they hate free speech in America?

Musk then went on to tag Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, where he asked him directly about the reason for such a measure. However, the latter did not make any clarification to shed more light on what happened.

Then, the tycoon began to compile some cases in which the technology company has incurred in some kind of irregularity with another company. He pointedly highlighted a couple of facts:

  • Firstly, what happened with LBRY, who claimed that Apple asked them to filter out some search terms within their apps to prevent the apps from becoming unavailable in their respective online store.

Threatening to remove Twitter from the app store

Following the previously cited remarks, Musk posted another tweet where he revealed that. Apple was planning to take stronger action against Twitter, this without any “apparent cause” according to the mogul:

Apple has also threatened to remove Twitter from its App Store, but won’t tell us why.

Following this, the CEO of Twitter proceeded to raise the tone of discourse and launched harsh remarks against the monetization mechanisms managed by the technology company, alleging that these charge 30% in taxes on everything purchased through its online store:

It is important to note that this aspect became evident during the court dispute between. Epic Games and Applewhere the technology company requested that all payments for Fornite will go through your App Store instead of payment gateways managed by third parties. The video game company claimed that this practice was reprehensible, as they were trying to gain a monopoly on the revenue in order to extract a juicy commission from the sales associated with the game in question.

And finally, neither short nor lazy, Musk proceeded to satirize the latest complaint and his combative attitude by sharing the following meme:

Controversial changes for Twitter

While it seems that the altercation for now remains so far, this new fact adds to the long list of events that Twitter has starred in these days under the management of Elon Musk.

Although the reason for the conflict between Apple and Twitter is not clear, the tycoon let it be known that this could possibly be related to the changes recently implemented in terms of moderation and freedom of expression. Let’s keep in mind that the social network proceeded to reinstate the accounts of people who were blocked by the previously managed policies, highlighting the cases of humorist Kathy Griffin, psychologist Jordan Peterson and satirical news broadcaster Babylon Bee.

Let’s keep in mind that Musk himself had clarified that they would no longer opt for a censorship model as previously handled for the social network, so now they will opt for a mechanism in which they will limit the scope of all content that may be considered hateful or violate current regulations.

Finally, the tycoon stated last week that. Twitter Could opt to launch its own smartphone if. Apple y Google opted to pull the social network from their respective online stores, possibly anticipating a conflict like this one that just took place a few hours ago.

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