Calling All BEACONS….we need your HELP!

At this very moment, NCU’s very own Mr. Beacon is in the midst of an intense competition with the mascot of Evergreen State College. The Cascade Collegiate Conference is hosting the Mascot Challenge and Mr. Beacon has made it to the quarterfinals. His challenger? Speedy Q. Geoduck. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I find Mr. Beacon to be a slightly odd mascot. However, a geoduck is an exceptionally ugly type of edible clam and that definitely gives them the advantage as far as oddness is concerned. But we will not let that intimidate us. Our mascot is the best and we will prove it. Now go over to the CCC’s Facebook page and like the picture the Beacon Man arm-wrestling President Womack. Because we are Beacons and we refuse to be beaten by an exceptionally ugly clam!