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Finding Refuge in God

Going to NCU has dramatically changed my life and provided me with more opportunities then I can keep track of. This incredible place has a way of breaking you down with crazy workloads and...


No Shame November

Here is a video about the social movement #NoShameNovember. Thank you to everyone I interviewed for sharing your thoughts with me and for being willing to share with the school. Hope you enjoy!


Hollywood Faith?

One of my all-time favorite pastimes is going to the movies. I love the stories, the action, and the excitement of it all. While I love to watch movies at home as well, there...

The Great Debate 0

The Great Debate

Billions of years of ago, nothing exploded. That nothingness slowly formed to become planets and star systems. On one certain planet, primordial ooze developed, and out of that ooze crawled life. Millions of years...

A Chance to Serve 0

A Chance to Serve

Have you looked at the “Opportunities to Serve” board yet? It’s the one next the mailboxes. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to go do that right now. Ally Mittleider has posted a...

Fromm’s Advisor Responds 4

Fromm’s Advisor Responds

About two weeks ago, Fromm and I had a conversation that largely reflected what he said in his guest Beacon Bolt column. I didn’t panic, and when I saw the Bolt, I felt proud...