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Embracing our Campus and Community

The last two weeks around our incredible campus have been filled with opportunities to worship our God in some amazing ways. The week of September 14th through the 18th NCU had some events scattered...



I have always known that smart note taking and studying is very important and is the key towards boosting a student’s GPA. As I reflect on my first year of college, I remember cram...


Bash-Whisler 2015

WRITTEN BY SHERRY REEDER On Friday, February 20th, 2015 NCU staff, faculty and students filled the Chapel to experience a time honored NCU tradition, the Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Competition. Each contestant in the Bash-Whisler...


Interviewing Ethics

BY: JOE LAURENDEAU This last Friday I had the privilege of sitting down to lunch with Dr. Mic Bollenbaugh for an interview. The cafeteria was loud and crowded like it always is on Friday...


No Shame November

Here is a video about the social movement #NoShameNovember. Thank you to everyone I interviewed for sharing your thoughts with me and for being willing to share with the school. Hope you enjoy!

Thank Someone 0

Thank Someone

I imagine your life has gotten a little bit busy as the school year comes to an end. With everything you have left to finish, you probably aren’t looking for another assignment, but I’m...

Somewhere Beautiful 0

Somewhere Beautiful

Spring has officially arrived in Eugene. I know some of you non-natives are probably looking at the rain and thinking “What is she talking about?” Just trust me. The first duckling of the year...

A Shakespearean Event 0

A Shakespearean Event

Some of you reading this probably hate Shakespeare. I can understand that; reading a Shakespeare play is not the most fun thing in the world. Watching a well-produced play, however, is one of the...

Join the Orientation Team 0

Join the Orientation Team

Think back to your first on-campus experience as a student at NCU. For many of us, this was the whirlwind of events that is Orientation. I have been a part of Orientation three times,...