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Something’s Wrong, Something’s Missing

“with how much work we Christians, and other well-meaning people are putting into trying to better this world, we ought to be a bit closer to having a heaven on earth, or at least something a little more closely resembling one.”


Bash-Whisler 2015

WRITTEN BY SHERRY REEDER On Friday, February 20th, 2015 NCU staff, faculty and students filled the Chapel to experience a time honored NCU tradition, the Bash-Whisler Bible Reading Competition. Each contestant in the Bash-Whisler...


8 Stress Relievers

Spring Break was filled with road trips, sleepovers, adventures, lazy mornings, family dinners and much more. All of these exciting events make it difficult to come back to school and readapting a difficult time....


Ambitions of NCU

For this weeks video I was inspired to go out and talk with the student body about dreams, goals, and aspirations they had. The thought provoking question asked to break the ice was “What...

The Great Debate 0

The Great Debate

Billions of years of ago, nothing exploded. That nothingness slowly formed to become planets and star systems. On one certain planet, primordial ooze developed, and out of that ooze crawled life. Millions of years...

Beacon Bolt Article Goes National 2

Beacon Bolt Article Goes National

If you haven’t heard already, an article in The Register-Guard appeared today about our ASNCU President Eric Fromm. The article comes in response to the Beacon Bolt article that was posted last week. We welcome comments...