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Give It Up Already!

This coming Wednesday is known as Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Lent is a great way for everyone to put aside any obstacles in life that are a hindrance on your relationship with...


5 Budgeting Tips

Hello Everyone! Coming back to school in the New Year means implementing my resolutions into a busier lifestyle. I have challenged myself this year with a resolution of budgeting my money and creating a...


No Shame November

Here is a video about the social movement #NoShameNovember. Thank you to everyone I interviewed for sharing your thoughts with me and for being willing to share with the school. Hope you enjoy!


Overview of Donuts and Discussion

What happens when you put Joe Womack, Michael Fuller, Corey Anderson, Greg Brock, Gene De Young, and Elyse Crichton on a panel together? You end up with some great laughs and interesting dialogue. On...

Thank Someone 0

Thank Someone

I imagine your life has gotten a little bit busy as the school year comes to an end. With everything you have left to finish, you probably aren’t looking for another assignment, but I’m...

Join the Orientation Team 0

Join the Orientation Team

Think back to your first on-campus experience as a student at NCU. For many of us, this was the whirlwind of events that is Orientation. I have been a part of Orientation three times,...

The Great Debate 0

The Great Debate

Billions of years of ago, nothing exploded. That nothingness slowly formed to become planets and star systems. On one certain planet, primordial ooze developed, and out of that ooze crawled life. Millions of years...

Legal Pot: Yay Or Nay? 1

Legal Pot: Yay Or Nay?

Well it has finally happened. Marijuana is now legal. But only if you live in Colorado or Washington. Which means that those who want to get their fix anywhere else will still need to...