NCU Memebase

What is the NCU Memebase?

Do you enjoy memes or have funny photos that you would like to share with your school community? Want to express your thoughts in a visual and comedic fashion? Then submit your memes to NCU’s official Memebase! The Memebase is like a library of photos that make a witty observation about our society, our school, and our daily lives. If you would like to familiarize yourself with memology, then check out Know Your Meme.

To make a meme, use a free generator such as Cheezburger or Memecrunch. When you have created your meme and have ensured that it is in keeping with the Beacon Bolt’s guidelines for appropriate content, email it with your name to Chelsea Arneson-Roberts, Your meme will appear on the Memebase shortly thereafter.

The Memes: