NCU Cribs ft. Maddy & Miranda

This week is part three of our series: NCU Cribs! With photos taken by the incredible Tanner Dean, we get to know a little more about Sophomores, Maddy Guiger and Miranda Gutierrez. Maddy & Miranda live in Mom Richart apartments and they are our highlight for this week!

Pictured left to right: Miranda Gutierrez, Maddy Guiger.

How is your living space a reflection of who you are?

Maddy: “Eclectic. Unique. Miranda has her mushrooms and her snails, and I have my little Danish pantomime. We are both quirky people and that’s how our living space is a reflection of us.” 

Miranda: “But in an organized and normal way.”

What are three things in your room that represent you?

Miranda: “My plants, because I like plants. The place feels more alive. It is fun to watch them grow. My record player, because I like music and old-fashioned stuff.”

Maddy: “My bookshelf, because I am an input person. My tapestries as well! I like travel and they remind me of those places. My prayer bowl/rocks, because spiritual growth is important to me.”

Miranda: “My last thing would be my briefcase of art supplies. I like to express myself through my art.”

If Mom’s was burning down, what’s one thing that has sentimental value that you’d bring?

Maddy: “My box full of notes, ticket stubs, and other stuff from my boyfriend.”

Miranda: “My vinyl case/collection. I want all my records saved. That is where all my money goes.”

If someone was to visit your place, how would you want your living space to make them feel?

Both: “Clean.”

Maddy: “And comfortable. I like to be a host and having others over in a comfortable welcoming space.”

Was your overall goal to have an aesthetic value or function value to your space?

Both: “Both.”

Maddy: “Miranda is the master organizer, so everything looks great because of her. But also, our stuff kind of goes together quite seamlessly.”

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