Student Highlight: Victor Irechukwu

This week we are highlighting Victor Irechukwu! Victor is a senior from Aurora, Colorado who has started a career in modeling. He has done work with Nike, Film Pac, Columbia, and others. In addition, he has been working with two NCU photographers, Tyler Farmer and Tanner Dean. So, we asked them what their favorite part about working with Victor is.

1. What got you into modeling and when did you first start modeling on a professional level? 

“It was back at home at Overland high school, where my friends and I would always talk about doing something in the creative space. I always talked about modeling for big companies with my high school friends. I started modeling professionally sophomore year of college.”

2. Who have you modeled for in the past four years? 

“I have modeled for Delta Airlines, Columbia, Nike Sportswear, and Nike Soccer.”

3. Who has been the most fun to work with? 

“Well most of the photographers I have worked with have all been fun. Especially the Nike film and photography crew. I would also like to thank Michael Buss, Tanner dean, Tyler Farmer, and Hayden Sahli for always being down to shoot. I love those guys!”

This is what Tyler Farmer had to say about working with Victor:

“I started working with Victor a few months ago. Starting with a small photoshoot we did together. Now we collaborated again to put together a four part series. Which includes his versatility modeling different sports. I like working with victor a lot because he is very natural in front of the camera. He helps me make my job easier with his experience of different poses and natural movements.”

-Tyler Farmer
P/C: Tyler Farmer

4. How did you get connected with Tanner Dean? How often do you guys collaborate? 

“I honestly knew of Tanner but I didn’t know he did photography. So I think he followed me on Instagram and DM’ed me or vice versa. Then after that the rest was history! We collaborated and we have a few upcoming special projects in the works. Here are two pictures Tanner took of me.”

P/C: Tanner Dean

This is what Tanner likes abut working with Victor,

“Vic is authentically himself while on set. Always good conversations with him. He shares his vision well.”

-Tanner Dean

5. What plans do you have after you graduate? 

“My plan after I graduate is do a ton of test shoots with a bunch of photographers in Eugene/Portland and continue modeling for my agency. Then, I’ll move up to Portland to attend Concordia University for nursing school and also be in full pursuit with my modeling career.”

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