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This week is the start of our new series: NCU Cribs! With photos taken by the incredible Tanner Dean, we are putting together a film photo series of students who have intriguing living spaces. We ask them a few questions about how their space is a reflection of who they are. Some have serious intentionality behind how they set up their rooms, like Brad! Junior RA, Brad Keller showed us his room and why he has it set up the way it is.

“Space. An expansion which is free, open. A person’s space can signify who they are or what they want to be. They fill the openness with things to represent them, things that make them happy, and things that make them comfortable. Some people are minimalist and keep only what is necessary. Others are eccentric and keep a multitude of knickknacks that hold some sort of sentiment or memory of a time they smiled. How do they arrange it? In a way that creates ease, chaos, or even logic. Getting a glimpse into the space that someone created is, in a sense, being granted a glimpse into who they are.”
 -Alyssa Perovich


How is your living space a reflection of who you are?


“It is a reflection of who I am because I feel like I am neat, organized, and efficient.”


Was your overall goal to have an aesthetic value or function value to your space?


“I like how the warm browns and minimal detailing creates a warm and welcoming space.”



What are three things in your room that represent you?


“My Keurig because it gives me high energy,

my guitar because I love music,

and my MIDI pads whichallowsme to express creativity”



If BG was burning down, what’s one thing that has sentimental value that you’d bring?


“My guitar. I have no insurance for it, but I also love it a lot and it has sentimental value.”



If someone was to visit your place, how would you want your living space to make them feel?


“I hope they would feel relaxed. I sleep on the top of my bunk which leaves the bottom bunk to function as a couch. I also created a “relaxation station” for when people visit.”



 Thanks for reading! We will have another NCU Cribs post next month!




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