Everyday Miracles Pt. 2

I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth. Whenever I bring clouds over the earth and the rainbow appears in the clouds, I will remember my covenant between me and you and all living creatures of every kind. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.

— Genesis 9:13-15

Part of our design as children of God is the embodiment of Christ. That is what we strive for in life. To show the human equivalent of his love, his mercy, his kindness, and his goodness. We cannot even begin to dive into all that is within his character, but that truly is the beauty of it. It comes in pieces, slowly being revealed through creation. Sometimes you see his kindness in a child offering their toy to another, or perhaps you see his goodness reflected through the loyal and loving nature of a pet. He has given examples in the bible of these happenings through the clouds, the bushes, the wind, and the birds. Our surroundings cry out proclaiming his perfection…proclaiming his promise of an eternity spent praising him in the presence of his supremacy.


For NCU senior Allison Keeney, the moment in which creation spoke to her came in the midst of a busy mind and body. Here is her story:

“Once upon a time, I was a busy college student. I was doing those things that busy college students do: worrying about deadlines, guzzling caffeine, and rushing across campus from one class to another. One day, as I was rushing along in my routine head-down, hands-in-pockets way, I almost ran someone over. He grabbed my arm and pointed excitedly at a rainbow that had spread itself across the sky. I was shocked. I hadn’t even noticed it was raining, much less noticed the rainbow. The rainbow in itself is a beautiful miracle, reminding us of Gods promise to the world, but there was something else miraculous in this encounter. When this stranger pointed out the rainbow to me, he caused me to stop and remember. I remembered God’s promises to me and that there is beauty everywhere in the world, we just need to take time and look for it.”


Although our eyes were created to give us sight, they can sometimes act as blinders. They glaze over with thoughts of work, school, and relationships. But to be intentional with these aspects of life, we first have to be intentional in recognizing the ways that our Father continues to be active in our lives. He does not live in a box, nor can we put him in one. He does not stay behind waiting to work in your life when you enter church. Rather, he is with you NOW. Look around; notice the way the rain refreshes your skin, the colors of the spring flowers standout against the green of the grass, or perhaps it is the warmth of security that surrounds you as you look out the window into the great expanse of his creation. It was made to be experienced. We were made to experience. He made us with the capability of seeing him anew in what we thought was familiar.


Too often, we are guilty of only recognizing the big miracles. He heals. He moves mountains. But, he also smiles at us through creation. What else would we call the sovereign creator purposely putting something in our path to make us smile, but a miracle. We worship an intentional God and one that knows us in our innermost vulnerable way.


Over the past year and a half, I have seen God is such a beautiful way. I have seen him in the people on this campus, the lessons in my classes, and in the walk to my apartment. I often find myself running to get to my classes, but any chance I get to just take my walk step-by-step I jump at. Lately, I have been studying the trees. Yes, they provide air and leaves. More so, I have noticed how even as they are planted firmly in the ground, they reach as high as they possibly can to point to the heavens. How incredible it is to look at the trunk so big and mighty breaking off into all these little branches, all of which continue reaching up. Beside it sits a small stream, still and calm. Containing two ducks neither coat alike, they too are still. Heads and feet tucked away enjoying the stillness of the water, the gentleness of God.


Trying to see all the working-parts of God’s creation is a tall-order, and we will never see all that he is doing at once, but we can find comfort and wonder in the ways that he uses creation. He will never stop. He does not stop working when we close our bibles or exit the church building. He is a God that actively reveals himself to us individually. Perhaps we should start with taking just a moment to look up at him and see what he might guide our attention with.


God Bless and enjoy this beautiful day that he has made (rainy or otherwise).

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  1. Anita Morris says:

    Oh Alyssa, what a beautiful and well written article. You make me proud, young lady. Keep in step with Jesus. He’s shining so brightly through you.

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