Beacon Bolt Introduction


My name is Tomas Carradero. As a student who has watched this campus grow for the past two years, I’d like to offer my warmest welcome to our campus. We are so glad you’re here because you are what make this community lively and fun.

A little about me, I am a follower of Christ before I am a son of my mother and father, and before I am sibling to my brother of 16 years old. I am a Junior from San Jose, CA and the Assistant Editor-in-Chief and videographer here at the Beacon Bolt. I also work for the Athletic Department and the Marketing Department taking photos, editing videos, and putting together the monthly calendar. After those aspects of my life, comes soccer, which I have played since I was four. After paying it all my life, including two years here at NCU, I decided to “retire.” I came to the conclusion that I was warn out and I wasn’t playing for myself anymore. Therefore, I stepped down and started focusing more on working for the school and the Beacon Bolt.

To explain the Beacon Bolt a little bit, it is the school’s student run news program that is overseen by ASNCU. We are made up of three on campus students who write blogs, make videos, and keep you up to date on cool stories here on campus. We warmly welcome anybody who has any ideas for an article or would like to guest write and article with us! (Guest writers are paid)

We hope that your first few weeks here have been amazing and you are looking forward to rest of the year!

On behalf of the Beacon Bolt, welcome you to our school!



P.S. Feel free to stop me on campus anywhere to ask questions or talk about how you could be a story on The Bolt!


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