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Homecoming Recap 0

Homecoming Recap

Hey fellow Beacons! My name is Tomás Carradero, and I am the co-video editor and producer at the Beacon Bolt! Along with the video above, I just wanted to share how homecoming week went!...


3 Amazing Autumn Drink Recipes

Autumn has arrived in its usual splendor of crimson and gold foliage, clouding the skies with curtains of rain and a chill perceptible enough to make us break out our sweaters and scarves. Cafes...

Five Fall Haikus by NCU 0

Five Fall Haikus by NCU

  “Pumpkin spice is nice, Drink it hot or even iced, Pumpkin spice is life.” –Taylor Irons, sophomore   “Don’t fall for my charms, I’ll only leaf you alone, All flat jokes must fall.”...