5 Fun Things to Do Off-Campus in Eugene


Are you tired of lugging around heavy textbooks and need to do something fun without breaking the bank?

For those who are unfamiliar with the surrounding areas at Northwest Christian University, Eugene has much to offer in terms of affordable and free activities to do that are relatively close to campus. Several of these places may even give you a discount if you bring your student ID. Take a friend or two and experience somewhere new!

1) Get Air is the place to go if you want to defy gravity. The entire floor is composed of massive trampolines. They also offer other activities such as foam pits, slack-lining, and dodge ball. If you’ve always secretly yearned to do a backflip or front flip into a pool of foam cubes, you can fulfill that wish here. Upon request, they also offer another activity called “knocker ball,” where you can wiggle into an inflatable sphere and tackle whoever else is wearing an inflatable sphere as well.

2) Do you suffer from bibliophile urges and need to be enveloped by the irresistible aroma of books? Smith Family Bookstore is located a mere few blocks away from NCU. It has two floors that include extensive sections of all genres, including a comic book section. They carry thousands of titles and the bookstore possesses a tranquil atmosphere in which you can browse and read to your heart’s content.

3) Nestled at the Gateway Mall is Cinemark 17. The prices for movie tickets are reasonable if you’re anxious to see your favorite celebrity on a generously proportioned screen. Yet another theater that’s just as close is Regal 15 Cinemas at the Valley River Center. If tickets are sold out for a particular movie and time in one of these cinemas, it is usually available at the other.

4) Are you looking for a good place to run? Pre’s Trail, named after renowned Olympic runner, Steve Prefontaine, is a 4-mile trail near NCU that provides a green, scenic route for people to power walk and run all day, everyday. Located in Alton Baker Park, it’s a popular trail for people to get out and get moving. In addition, there are disc golf courses at this specific park.

5) Do you like to eat pizza and to putt-putt away? Putters Family Entertainment Center provides both at excellent prices. Another service they offer is multi-level laser tag. Mini golf and laser tag are great group activities and are definitely worth your time if you haven’t experienced either of them yet. What are you waiting for? Try a free round of miniature golf on Friday for this week’s Beacon Night at 9:00 PM!

Are there any activities you like to do in Eugene that aren’t mentioned here? Feel free to recommend it below!

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