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The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. I have always loved music and have always loved to hum and sing along to anything I heard. Country music became an obsession of mine as I grew up; I honestly think half or more of my memory is just song lyrics. Since accepting Christ at the age of twelve, I have slowly intertwined different parts of my faith into my daily life. These pieces consisted of reading my Bible, attending church, going to youth groups and summer camps, Bible journaling, attending NCU, becoming a Sunday school teacher and lastly music. For some reason growing up, Christian music never stuck, but once I got to NCU I became obsessed with listening to Christian music. Maybe it was church, chapel or the Holy Spirit, but it’s always on. I’m still a newbie when it comes to the genre, I attended two large concerts this year and am ready to tell you about some of my favorite artists.

  1. Ryan Stevenson

This may seem cliché since he is an NCU alumni and played in chapel a few months back, but I have loved his music before I knew any of this. I attended the NewsBoys “We Believe… God’s Not Dead” fall tour and Stevenson opened for them and automatically becoming one of my favorites. His songs have a good vibe to them, peaceful yet intriguing. My favorite part about his music is how relatable the songs are. I learned at the concert that he is from a small town in Oregon, so I can totally connect to his pride in where he grew up. My favorite song is about his hometown, it’s called From the Ground Up.

2. NewsBoys

I had watched God’s Not Dead the movie and had loved their song at the end, after watching it I started to listen to some of their tracks. Truly though it wasn’t until I saw them in concert that I really fell in love with their music. The group itself has a wonderful sound, but its more about the show they put on. Between songs they tell stories and spoke so inspiringly that it made me connect with what they sing about on a whole new level. Guilty, their new track for God’s Not Dead #2 is my current favorite and I can’t wait for the movie which is being released on April 1, 2016.

3. Hawk Nelson

I have definitely been in love with this band for a while, probably being the only Christian band I listened to before coming to NCU, making them pretty impactful in my faith. Live Like You’re Loved is by far my favorite song because it is so heartfelt and uplifting. It reminds me that even on the worst days, even when I make mistakes or am feeling alone, I am and will always be loved, and so will you. It’s quite amazing if you think about it and that concept can kind of escape me at times when I start to feel overwhelmed with life, but this song is always my reminder.

4. Toby Mac

This past Sunday on March 13, I went to Toby Mac’s “Hits Deep Tour” where I got to enjoy performances from an array of artists. Mac was obviously the major performer of the event, and I had been counting down the days to the concert since September; his songs playing on repeat for the past 6 months. Speak Life, ironically speaks to me the most out of any of his songs. The best part about this song was that I have been loving it for months and months and wasn’t until Stevenson spoke at chapel that I found out he wrote it. It reminds me about what my job is as a Christian and definitely roots me in my faith; I may not be able to end hunger or fix any major problems in the world, but I can do one thing every single day undoubtedly, speak life. Speaking life in my mind is showing the world Jesus’s love, hope, faith and kindness through your words and actions. Through this people should see God’s light in you shine so bright, that it’s evident who you live for.

5. Matthew West

Before coming to NCU I did listen to the occasional Christian music, which consisted either of Hawk or Matthew West. I love West’s music because I connect with so many of his songs. I’m not sure if you’ve ever listened to a song for the first time and are amazed at how strangely the song relates to your current situation or struggles, but that’s how West is. Strong Enough is one of those songs for me; I often feel as though God’s given me too much, but through this song I am reminded he hasn’t handed me a pile of responsibilities and walked away. He has given me tasks that can sometimes become overbearing, but he is there with me through every step and tear.

I hope I have given you some inspiration for branching out in the Christian music genre, if you haven’t already check out their music, you won’t be disappointed! Click on the link attached through each of my favorite songs to listen watch the YouTube video. Enjoy!

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