The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. Where is your Bible right now? Is it in your backpack? On your desk? On a shelf? How many times in this week, month, year or life have you opened its cover? These questions might seem silly and somewhat unimportant, but I have honestly come to the realization that no matter where you keep your Bible or how much you read it, it’s not enough.

For whatever reason I seem to get sucked into short clips and videos on Facebook more than anything else. These videos usually consist of cute animals, sports, or food, but on occasion I open a seriously thought-provoking video that really stops and makes me think. If you could take a literal minute, open the link below and watch the video.


Do you remember the day you got your first Bible? I do. I had always had the ones that my parents had read to me when I was little, but the first Bible I ever bought myself was my most prized possession at the age of twelve. I was at a Christian Summer camp and knew no one, I was nervous and shy, so when my camp counselor told us about the souvenir shop, I headed there the moment free time began. As I browsed the store I tried to find something to buy with the cash my mom had given me for extra goodies or souvenirs for the week. I wanted to buy something that would be useful and entertaining for the rest of the week. Reading had always been my thing, so when I saw lines of thick books, I knew exactly what I would spend my twenty dollars on, A Bible.

I still remember seeing the red and gold cover and knowing that it was the perfect fit, running to the cashier and handing her my money, anxiously excited to read. As I walked the path to the cabins I squeezed the Bible to my chest feeling a nervous flush of pride and accomplishment. I had accepted God into my heart the summer before, but had done nothing so bold with my faith, especially without my parent’s guidance. I spent most of my free time that week in my bunk or by the lake vigorously reading page after page, not making sense of much of it, but knowing I could ask questions later. That beloved red book sits on my shelf in my office, I have since bought a study Bible that I prefer, but it will always be my first and favorite Bible to read.

Bibles are books of great life, love, hope, strength, knowledge, faith and holiness, yet we often treat them as less important than any textbook or especially our phones. I will be the first to admit as I write this article my Bible sits on the floor in my office, in a pile of binders and textbooks, patiently awaiting my return on Sunday. Where along the road did I lose my excitement? When did it become overshadowed as my most prized possession?

All across the globe there are people who are forbidden or shamed to read, own or possess a Bible. We take even owning a Bible too lightly, we must realize what a privilege we have to walk into any bookstore we wish and to have access to affordable Bibles without fear of persecution. After watching that clip all of these emotions and thoughts flooded over me and I began to despise myself for allowing my Bible to sit in a pile of books like a common peasant. I am challenging not only myself, but you, to take your Bible a little more serious and to be thankful for its presence in your life. When was the last time you received a Bible and wept and kissed its cover? That, my friend, is the level of respect and thankfulness that our Father deserves.

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