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The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. As mid-semester comes and goes, the stress of school and all that comes with it can become overwhelming. On those days where I’m feeling stressed out, I make it a point to spend some extra quality time with my pup, Bella. She is a huge light in my life and is constantly reminding me to relax and have fun. So in light of the stress that is upon us, lets enjoy some bios and pictures of dogs, whose owners you might recognize as some of our esteemed staff and faculty!

Professors, Vince Reighard, Dr. Lanta Davis & Luna

lanta & brandonluna2.png

“Luna is a labradoodle and is about four years old. We adopted her two years ago, and right from the start, she has been a cuddling and ball-fetching maniac. She’s obsessed with squeaky toys and taking hikes, where she likes to sprint in circles and pretend-chase birds.  She also loves to snuggle belly-up on the couch with us while we’re watching movies and has logged thousands of miles darting after balls. She can trace her lineage back to the time of Emperor Charlemagne, understands three languages, has studied Plato, Kierkegaard, and Dickens, and is potty trained.”

Professor Tim Rogers & Rocky


“Rocky, is my 9 year old Black American Labrador Retriever.  He is the one looking at the camera, while the older one sleeping belongs to another family member. I adopted Rocky in 2008 from the Heartland Humane Society in Corvallis, OR while I worked at Oregon State University.  His predecessor Ike, a Black Labrador / German Shephard mix, passed away in 2005 at the age of 17.  When I adopted him, the folks at Heartland told me that, “Rock is highly motivated by food”.  That was an understatement.

Rocky has always been very energetic and full of life since we first met, which is infectious.  Even though he is going white beneath the nose, and will turn 9 on March 25th, he thinks he is still one hundred percent puppy.  He is a handsome dog with his blue and yellow Beacon collar, which he knows as he regularly practices his cuteness factor, mainly to get food.  He has proven to be a very loyal friend and is very simply a good dog.”

Mrs. Rachel Morse, her husband Brandon & Maggie

Rachel Morse.pngRachel.png

“Maggie is a herding border collie/cow dog mix. She is a 9 year-old thick haired medium sized pup, who loves to work out in the fields at our 4 acre home. She is a great guard dog and will bark at most anything that seems suspicious – this always makes us feel safe at the house! We had black bears in the backyard once and she was ready to pounce! She is a herding breed which means she is bred to herd ducks, goats, sheep and cattle. She is also an excellent hunter loves to chase snakes, deer and birds… sometimes too much. Since we live in the country and have owned all kinds of animals, Maggie fits in with the country lifestyle perfectly. She protects, plays and works hard! As rough and rugged as she is, she is sweet, loving and cuddly. She is an excellent companion who loves to be around her family… you always hope that everyone can experience owning a dog – what a joy and delight it is!”

Professor Matthew Pittman’s Corgi, Sir Winston Fur chill

 sir winston.jpgwinston 2.jpg

“Sir Winston Fur Chill, our 4 year old fluffy corgi. He likes eating everything, playing fetch, and saying HI to everyone who walks past us.” To watch a funny video of him running in slow motion go to:

Mr. Michael Fuller & Lucy


“Lucy is a seven year old Australian Labradoodle. She is very loving.  She loves to play catch, hang out with her family, take bicycle rides/go for walks, and go for rides in the car.  She is perfect for our family – she is very chill and a homebody.  She has a very soft, fleecy coat – does not shed and is happiest when everyone is at home with her.”

Ms. Debbie Du Tell & Bo


“Bo is a 6 ½ year old Red Bloodhound. Out of all the dogs I have ever had, Bo has the best personality. He absolutely loves people. When we are out riding around town in the car he does everything he can to get people’s attention. First, he whimpers like a little puppy, then he sticks his head out and starts baying as loud as he can. Sometimes he even sounds like Chewbacca. It is so funny to see the reactions when people notice him. They just start smiling and some of them even talk back to him. He is the world’s biggest mooch. He has staked out and memorized all the gas stations, stores, and drive-thru places that give out puppy treats. He has scored free chicken burritos from Burrito Boy, ice cream from Dairy Queen, fries from Burger King, and sandwich fillings from Subway. One girl at a Carl’s Jr. asked if he could have one of the biscuits she had just learned how to bake. Of course, none of these places are supposed to give dogs anything but Bo really works the cute factor!

I adopted him from the Animal Shelter in Eugene. Some people believe that the name Bloodhound means that they sniff out blood when they are tracking a scent. Actually, the name is used to designate that the Bloodhounds are one of the oldest pure breed of dogs that have not been mixed with other breeds. I first became interested in Bloodhounds when I lived in Colorado. A little girl named, Alie Berrelez, was kidnapped and murdered and was missing for a few days. A Bloodhound, named Yogi, was used by the Police to find her body. I became interested in Bloodhounds when Alie’s grandfather started the Alie Foundation which trains and provides Bloodhounds for various search and rescue and Police agencies. They are fascinating and intelligent dogs. I never hoped that I would be able to own one until I saw Bo at the animal shelter. I was looking to adopt a dog for my birthday and I went down the hallway and turned the corner and came nose-to-nose with Bo. I said, “I want him!” and I didn’t even bother looking at any of the other dogs. I am so blessed to have him in my life!”

Mrs. Corynn Gilbert, Hazel & Timber

GilbertCorynn2-754x1024.jpgtimber and hazel

“Timber is a blonde Goldendoodle and is 7 ½ years old. He is a 70 lb. lap dog who wants constant human interaction and attention! He only chews on bones and toys when Hazel is doing it as well—he is a “social” chewer.  His favorite person outside our family is NCU Admissions Counselor Jazzy Villarruel who dog-sits him!  He came as a delivery from Santa on Christmas Eve at 8 weeks old dressed in a Santa suit. I have never heard him growl. Hazel is a 1 year old, red mini-Labradoodle. She is a 25 lb. buddy for Timber and keeps him moving. She torments him endlessly and the two of them play endlessly. She is still quite new to our family, but has the sweetest temperament ever.”

Professor Dr. Doyle Srader & Benji


“This is Benji. He followed my older brother home from school one day when I was about five. If you don’t know what movie dog we named him after, it’s in IMDB. He looks nothing like the dog in the movie, but they’re both mutts, and he was happy and friendly. I was always tickled by the fact that if he didn’t have the spot on top of his head, he had the same markings as Snoopy – spot in the middle of his back, spot on the tail, white fur everywhere else. Snoopy didn’t appear to be that shaggy, but Charles Schulz didn’t go crazy on detail, so who knows?

He had a fairly big back yard to run around in, so we didn’t walk him that often. For that reason, whenever I did walk him, the second he saw the leash he’d run around in little tight circles because he was so excited. We tried half-heartedly to teach him some commands, but he wasn’t particularly interested in pleasing us. He liked playing with us, but obeying us just wasn’t a priority. He lived until I was about eighteen, and had to be put down when his hip joint went and he could no longer get comfortable.I haven’t had a dog since then, because I spend all day at work, and it wouldn’t be fair to the dog. But live cameras of squirming puppies are about 65% as much fun, and 100% less work.”

Professor Cindy A Coe, Riley & Penny

cindy.pngriley and penny 2.png

“My Golden Retrievers are cherished members of the family, Riley and Penny. When I spend a lot of time on the computer, they lie down by my desk and stare at me, waiting to play! They are with my daughter, Lauren, on the right.”

Chelsea Roberts, Brandon Chittim & Bella


This is my 5 year old English Bulldog Bella. We are pretty much inseparable and just love hanging out together. She loves to sleep, cuddle and play with new toys, especially stuffed animals with squeakers like Mr. Hedgehog. Although she’s about 65lbs and adores food, she thinks she’s a lap dog and wants constant attention. I absolutely love her and feel blessed to be a dog mom.

I hope you have enjoyed our collage of staff & faculty dogs, as well as mine, and have gotten a chance to get to know them a little more. Study hard and finish the semester strong, but don’t forget to relax and have fun! Catch some quality time with your favorite four-legged friend and really appreciate the blessing of the dogs in your life!

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