November’s Unknown Holidays

The Beacon Bolt is a publication of the student body of Northwest Christian University. As October’s end is quickly approaching, I am looking forward to the many holidays that are right around the corner; Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are just a few celebrated these upcoming months. My roommate Samara and I like to write down all the weird and wacky holidays on our monthly whiteboard, and attempt to celebrate them with each other. One of my favorites was chocolate milkshake day, where we went to Shari’s and had a nice roommate date while with our chocolate milkshakes. So let me share with you the unheard of and less popular holidays in November.

November 2nd is Deviled Egg Day!


November 3rd is Sandwich Day so stop by your local sub shop or swing into Subway or Jimmy Johns and celebrate with a delicious sandwich.


November 6th is Saxophone Day, so go listen to some smooth jazz or pick up a sax and learn to play.

duke silver

November 7th is Book Lovers Day, a personal favorite of mine. Curl up with a good book and a hot cup of coffee and spend the day in paradise.


November 8th is a bit strange; it is Cook Something Bold Day. So jump in the kitchen and get cracking.


November 9th is Chaos Never Dies Day. Who knows how to celebrate that? Am I right?


November 12th is Chicken Soup for the Soul Day.

Chicken soup for the sole.

Chicken soup for the sole.

November 13th is World Kindness day, so go out and spread kindness to everyone you see!


November 15th is Clean your Refrigerator Day! Go get some soap and water and get to work.


November 17th is Homemade Bread Day, one of the best days in my opinion.

10 things

November 26th is Thanksgiving Day. Spend some time with family and appreciate all that God has given you.


November 27th is Black Friday.

black friday

November 29th is Square Dance Day. Grab those cowboy boots and straw hats and get boot scootin’ Boogie!


And last but not least, Stay Home because you are Well Day on November 30th. Take the day for yourself and relax because you are healthy and alive!


Mark your calendars and be prepared to celebrate these uncommon holidays throughout the month of November!

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