8 Stress Relievers


Spring Break was filled with road trips, sleepovers, adventures, lazy mornings, family dinners and much more. All of these exciting events make it difficult to come back to school and readapting a difficult time. With only a few weeks left to complete a stack of final projects and papers combined with the already daunting final exams make returning to school even more stressful. To help cope with the oncoming stress, there are things that each and every one of you can do to help hold off the pressure and make these final weeks of school some of the most memorable.

  1. Find Out Whether You are an Introvert or Extrovert: One of the first and most important things you can do to handle stress is to determine if you are an introvert or extrovert. This is vital because these characteristics determine how you “recharge”. If you are an introvert you might like relaxing time by yourself, enjoying a good book or binge watching Netflix. If you are an extrovert you might often find hanging out with friends or talking to someone over coffee to be relaxing. You enjoy others company and can find it calming, and when you are alone you feel you need to stay busy. Now anyone can be in the middle of these two types, there is no perfect cookie cutter of either trait. Find out what your personality needs to fight stress!
  2. Listen to Music: This is one of the simplest ways to calm down. If you are feeling rushed or have a few minutes between a class and activity, put on your jam and zone out from the world.
  3. Call a Friend: This tip fits the extrovert a little better, but having someone to bounce ideas off of, or just listen to you vent for a second can relieve a bit of pressure. Whether this is someone you see every day or a friend far away, make it count! After you talk about yourself, make sure to ask how the other person is!
  4. Eat Right: Although stress eating seems good at the time, making healthy choices is valuable in every aspect of life. Eating things that are good for you can boost your energy and make you feel better as a whole.
  5. Laugh it Off: My favorite saying is “Laughter is the best medicine.” Anytime I ‘m feeling stressed I block out time to be alone (I’m an obvious introvert) and watch a funny show or movie. Some great television comedies to get you started would be: Parks and Recreation, The Office, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, How I Met Your Mother, F.R.I.E.N.D.S., and Gilmore Girls (all available on Netflix).
  6. Sleep: This should be a way to reduce stress that everyone knows about. Having a morning to sleep in, or a night to hit the hay early, because catching up on sleep is vital to every aspect of life.
  7. Nature: Living in Eugene, we are lucky to have nature as an outlet. It’s as easy as joining the lovely group in the quad on a sunny afternoon. Sometimes taking a peaceful walk to clear your mind is all you need. The University of Oregon has many nature walks, and places like Spencer’s Butte and Mount Pisgah are great resources. Recharge in God’s creation to humble yourself and become creative in the things you need to accomplish.
  8. Animals: Now this might just be me, but nothing relaxes me more than cuddling up with my dog, or taking them to the park to play fetch. This tip is hard to complete when living on a college campus, seeing as how we can’t have animals in the dorms. Find friends who are willing to let you steal their dog for a while or a friend who needs a cat sitter for an hour and go soak up the insurmountable energy that these animals have. (You might even go for a stroll and ask to pet every dog you see? No? That’s just me? Ok…)

I hope these tips help and inspire you to try to make the most out of these last few weeks we have together! Embracing a stress free lifestyle will make our campus one big happy family!

The two videos that inspired this article can be found on YouTube at these two links:

Will Darbyshire “Introverts”


Ingrid Nilsen “Stressed Out? Tip for Relaxing and Letting Go”


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