NCU’s First EP: From Dusk To Dawn

By Jared Keeth.

NCU’s music program has recently recorded their first-ever EP! Students from the university got to take their turn in front of the microphone this spring and be a part of this groundbreaking project. The process so far has been described as new, exciting, and invaluable.

Very few students involved in this have had previous experience recording, so expectations were all over the place. Hans Coburn, a member of Virtue and University Choir, said, “ I didn’t really have any expectations going in except a little bit of worry and stress over my own abilities. The process was so smooth and encouraging that I felt more confident to do my best.” This seemed to be the common reaction for most people. Being recorded is a very humbling experience, but it is one that has helped our students learn and receive an insight into the music industry. Sam Koekkoek, also a member of Virtue and leader in University Choir, explained the learning environment like so, “This is just another great example of how the music program here at NCU is so intentional about building up important skills and promoting higher learning in its students, while also fostering a love for creativity in musical expression.”

Most of the recording was done in the home of Karen De Young, NCU’s Instructor of Music. She graciously opened up her home for this project and was very welcoming to all who entered her doors. Grace Bowling was awestruck, “We were singing in her castle and she was directing us like a queen.” Students visited her home throughout the week to record, and there couldn’t have been a more welcoming environment to be found.

Once the students arrived, there was a sense of passion and adventure. “To set the mood and focus of our large group, we began with a devotional. It was amazing to feel the energy of everyone as we all knew that we were truly in this together,” Amber Dellsite, member of University Choir. Recording University Choir took place over the course of two nights, and bulk of the daytime hours were spent recording soloists and instrumentalists. Koekkoek reflects on the week, “I grew as a musician over the course of the project, particularly as a vocalist. Perhaps most exciting, the choir came together as a cohesive team during the recording like never before.”

As assistant engineer for the recording, I had the opportunity to see more of the recording process and the little details that go into putting an EP together. It’s a lot of work! Though, we were all very enthusiastic to have the opportunity to put this together, thanks to Dr. Dennis Lindsay. His generous donation was able to fund this project, and we hope that this becomes a tradition to continue to bless and encourage students, faculty, and those we reach.

It has been a huge learning experience for many people. The EP and release concerts will also provide a way to excite others about our music program, and who knows where God will take From Dusk to Dawn?

The EP release concerts will take place on April 5th at Fairfield Baptist Church in Eugene at 7pm and April 13th at Northwood Christian Church in Springfield at 6pm. The five song EP will be available both on iTunes as well as physical copy by April 5th. The physical copies will be available for sale at the release concerts for $5.

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