Titanfall Review

Disclaimer: for this week’s post I decided to do a short review on the recently released hit game Titanfall. I tried to make it accessible to everyone, yet it is most likely going to primarily appeal to those who would consider themselves ‘gamers’.

With one deft move I jumped on the back of an enemy titan, popped the hatch, and started to shoot the electric brains of my foe. I succeeded in bringing the titan to a critical state, then heard the fateful hum of the increasing power surge indicating the fallen enemy was about to go supernova. I jumped off the titan with as much speed as I could manage, and used two parallel walls to wall-run away at a breakneck pace. Behind me I heard the ground-shaking roar of the exploding titan, and I knew I had just barely escaped with my life. I then heard the words I was waiting to hear since the match started, “ready for titan-fall”. With one click of a button I called in my 20 foot behemoth from the skies, and proceeded to wreak havoc on the poor saps who were unlucky enough to get in my way. This is Titanfall, and it is awesome.

TF-Panoramic-OverwatchI shall do a quick recap of the basics of Titanfall in case you have been living under a rock for the past six months. Made by the same people who created Call of Duty, Titanfall is a 6 on 6 first person shooter for the Xbox One, 360, and PC. The game is multiplayer only, and has no offline component or single player campaign. While Titanfall does try to wave story elements into its multiplayer matches, I honestly couldn’t tell you what the story is or how these giant robots came to be fighting machines of death. And I don’t care, because that’s not what Titanfall is about. Titanfall is about adrenaline-pumping matches of pure online mayhem. As long as you understand that this is all Titanfall entails, you’ll have a good time.

The best thing about Titanfall is the balance. While being a Titan feels powerful, the enemy opponents (called pilots) are a lot more nimble. Titans cannot jump, and thus enemy units can take the high ground to rain down destruction from above. This makes Titanfall an exciting game of cat and mouse between titans and pilots, and ensures that even when you are a titan you never feel completely invincible. The player count is six on six, yet the inclusion of AI bots and titans means that up to 48 units can be in a match at the same time. The AI reminds me of the minions from League of Legends, very dumb and essentially canon fodder. Killing enemy ground forces takes time off your titan countdown, which makes these easy pickings worth your time to hunt down and destroy. I enjoy the inclusion of the AI fodder, as they let new players get some kills in and contribute to the team. They are also fun to kill, even for experienced players, and the thrill of wiping out a whole room full of opponents is pretty exhilarating.

161544434_1373479940Unfortunately, I do not have the space to do an extensive review of Titanfall. There are many elements of the game, such as the Call of Duty-like unlocking system, which I will not be able to cover. Consider this review more like a brief look at my experience of playing the game, and head to a professional review site such as IGN if you want a complete review of Titanfall. I will say that my time with the game has been awesome, and it lived up to the massive hype surrounding it. I would highly recommend this game to anyone who is even remotely interested in first person shooters, and if you have an Xbox One this is the game to get. I cannot comment on the 360 version of the game, and I can only hope that it maintains the quality of the Xbone and PC editions. All in all, Titanfall is an amazing experience. The combination of action, speed, and brute force is an intoxicating mix, and one you definitely should not miss out on.

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