The New Normal

Now that the adrenaline rush known as Orientation has ended and our three-day weekend is over, we cannot avoid the reality any longer: school is officially underway. I must admit I find this part of the year to be somewhat overwhelming. Classes are past the introductory section and homework seems to be everywhere, but I haven’t quite gotten used to the schedule. If you’re like me and everything feels a little bit crazy to you right now, don’t worry. The craziness can’t stay crazy. In another week or so, it will settle down and become the new normal.

But maybe you consider “normal” to be boring and would prefer things to stay on the exciting side. If you ever find yourself thinking “Week of Welcome is over. What am I going to do with all of this time that I’m not spending being welcomed?” Fear not. Now is the perfect time to find all sorts of ways to stay active and involved around the campus. For example, you still have until 7 pm next Monday (the 9th) to apply to start a club. Contact Bethany Craig at if you need more information. Monday also marks the beginning of intramural dodge ball. Stop by Student Life for a signup sheet and put together a team. Talk to Lars Coburn ( if you are interested in starting or joining a Life Group. Dr. Doyle Srader will gladly tell you every benefit of joining the forensics team. ( Or, if you have an opinion you want to share or an event you’d like to memorialize, write a post for the Beacon Bolt. See “Rules & Guidelines” for details. Basically, if you want to be involved and stay busy, you have options. Now is the time to make your “new normal” extraordinary.

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  1. Doyle Srader says:

    Thanks for the shout-out for forensics! And yes, we welcome absolutely everyone. Experience not required. In fact, we love it twice as much when people with no experience come give it a try and build up skills they never had before.

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