Not Goodbye, But See Ya Later

By Taylor Richardson

Isn’t it funny how the semester seems to drag along forever while you’re in it, but when you look back, it all seemed to go so fast. So much happened during the year, different memories from so many different days. So much time spent here, so many hours invested here, but most importantly, so much is learned here. I think that’s why this summer is more bittersweet for me than any other summer in my 21 years. I feel like I’m leaving little pieces of me with different parts of NCU and Eugene, which is kind of sad. Part of me will be with my best friend two hours away, part with the Beacon Bolt, a little of me left on my jogging route, and of course part of me on the court in the MEC. We all have little things like this we are going to miss. Things we invest a lot of time into, people we love, and significant places are all going to keep bits of our heart and soul. That’s the bitter part. But the thing is, we take parts of them with us too. We get to go home for the summer and take time to wind down and rejuvenate ourself. We can enjoy seeing our dog at home, being able to greet our parents in the morning, soak up the summer sun, and spend time at our summer job while keeping the little things we love about NCU with us til’ next year. That is the beauty of summer, that’s the sweet part. Enjoy the sweet part all you can. To those who will be graduating and moving on, we wish you the best of luck. Most importantly, to everyone who reads this every week…thank you. It is the readers who have brought us success and are the reason Beacon Bolt will be back next year! See you in August Beacons!

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