Hashtags can be Hurtful

By Taylor Richardson

Mr Beacon ComputerTwitter. Most students use it everyday, multiple times a day. We can access it right on our phones at any time, it become too easy to just simply say what your thinking. A big part of twitter is parody accounts, NCU even has a couple. There have been extremely mixed feelings about these accounts that aren’t officially associated with NCU. There are two main accounts that have been attracting attention on twitter and those are “Sh*t NCU kids Say” and “Beacon Bullsh*t.”  And the big thing is that no one seems to know who it is that runs these accounts. When there is something posted that is offensive or no appropriate for a school affiliated account, there is pretty much nothing we can do about it, no one who has to face the consequences. There is an extremely fine line to walk between funny and hurtful via social media. While both parody accounts tend to walk that line, it is the “Beacon Bullsh*t” account that is upsetting the NCU community. “I think that if people have something bad to say about others but don’t have the guts to say it to their face, they are fools,” explained a frustrated Chelsea McGowan. “Whoever is running these accounts is too harsh and hiding behind an anonymous profile.”

Others try to find the humor in the posts. “I think most of the posts are great. [Stuff on “Sh*t NCU kids Say”] are things kids say all the time. They’re funny cause’ they’re true,” said Mike Schrum.

We have heard recently that the “Beacon Bullsh*t” twitter account has been deleted. People seem to be having a more positive outlook on the NCU accounts now that the more hurtful twitter has been deleted, and to whoever decided to make that mature decision…we thank you.

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