President Begins Semester With a Challenge

By Mark Hamilton
photo930The student body, fresh from break but arguably reluctant to return to studies after a few weeks of relaxation, found that the first chapel of the new semester was anything but relaxed. President Womack gave the message and he was, by his own words, a little riled up and angry. Dr. Womack challenged those present to put more of themselves into chapel. The message’s topic was the Epiphany, which celebrates the Magi coming to see Jesus from the east and recognizing his divinity. The President threw down the towel and asked the student body to come to chapel expecting an epiphany. The thrust of his message was that too often we see chapel as a requirement or as a simple time of worship. Dr. Womack stated that most of those who knew Jesus did not recognize his divinity because they were not looking for it, and if we do not come to chapel looking for an epiphany from God then we will miss it when it comes.
Perhaps this strong message will set a tone for the new semester. The only question is how many students will take his words and put them into action? What do you think about his message? Comment with your thoughts below.

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